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Dear wine lover,

like I do you love beautiful things. In the world of wine there are many names, many voices and as far as prosecco is concerned, we often find ourselves in a whirlwind of possibilities and labels; but I am here to whisper to you something familiar. I recognize that it is difficult to stop and silence the noise that surrounds us, sometimes it also causes distrust, but it will be necessary to find ourselves and listen. It happened to me.

If you have a little patience, I'll take two minutes more to ask you to find out how my brand was born, then you will understand what I mean. I listened to what my wine told me: about my origins, my land, the values ​​on which I base my work and, consequently, my life. We are a company with relatively small numbers, but this is where our greatness stands: the handcrafted care we dedicate to our production, and the result can be seen, indeed it tastes! Like when you meet something beautiful, you can't wait to tell it and share it, so this has become the purpose of my work day by day: spreading, making known, teaching, giving the right access to quality and excellence wine of my land, because I know what I'm talking about.

The enological passion is something inherent in my work, it is the engine that drives me against all difficulties and unforeseen events; is the idea of ​​being able to convey the quality and local experience in a glass of wine; it is the smile that opens when we understand we can aspire to something better and deserve it.