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From the soil to the wine

The land

Walking along the Prosecco Road you discover how this sparkling sparkling wine is the treasure of an enchanted place, dotted with majestic manors, suggestive medieval villages, elegant Venetian villas, parish churches and abbeys. A fascinating territory, a splendid pearl set between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites. Such a landscape just naturally infuses unique elegance and authenticity to Le Dolcirive Costaruél wines. You can breathe history in Conegliano with the ancient castle with its crenellated walls and the Torre della Guardia that watch over the past; the Renaissance house of the painter Cima da Conegliano; the Cathedral with its frescoed facade, the artistic heart of the city. A city known everywhere as one of the world wine capitals, it also gives access to the pleasure of Le Dolcirive Costaruél Prosecco Wines, which from tradition have drawn exclusively the best.

The vine

Prosecco has been grown on the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene for more than two centuries. Already known at the time of the Roman Empire, namely Pucinum, it became an authentic celebrity in the nineteenth century, when the School of Viticulture and Enology was founded in Conegliano to safeguard its typicality.
Prosecco is rustic and vigorous, with hazelnut-colored shoots and rather large, long, spaced and winged clusters, with berries of a beautiful golden yellow immersed in the brilliant green of the large leaves.

The technique

Here is how the production of Prosecco DOCG takes place:
Harvest: the ripe bunches are harvested by hand.
Pressing: the flower must is extracted from the heart of the berry with a gentle pressing.
Decanting: the must rests in cold (5-10 ° C) in steel tanks for 10-12 hours. The clear part is then separated from the deposit.
Vinification: the must rests at 18-20 ° C for 15-20 days; in this way the yeasts carry out the alcoholic fermentation.
Foaming: the wine-base batches are assembled by the oenologist in precise proportions, to reach the perfect balance. Only rare perfect matches already in the vineyard are sparkling in purity (cru).
Bottling: after 30-40 days the wine can be sold.